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UVHC 2018 Jesse's Dinner

A dinner at Jesse's means we're that much closer to Spring. It's always great to get together and compare notes to make sure everyone is still UPRIGHT! Wish everyone well and look forward to riding very soon. Now that's wishful thinking!
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UVHC Road Captains Ride April 2 2018

A beautiful sunny day after a very long winter.

UVHC Flying Goose Ride May 18 2018

Once again we had a great night to ride and always good to see OLD friends with good food. Thanks Jim for an invigorating ride!

UVHC RC Barbeque ride June 3 2018

The UVHC had a great time today visiting RC Barbecue Our Road Captain Dave Cole led us to partake in culinary delights ie HOG and he was delicious. It was a beautiful day and the ride was one to remember when we're freezing our A.. off in January. Thanks Dave!

UVHC Bay Haven Two Ride

It was 98 degrees but spirits were high with 17 motorcycles and 21 members attending a wonderful feast in Cornish Maine. Thank you Road Captain Peter Guillette for leading a very safe ride today.

Four Leaf Clover Ride July 8th 2018

Even though the Scoop Grill and Ice Cream was on every ones' mind on this hot summer day. We just finished one of the most perfect days all summer with 15 motorcycles and 16 people. (or something like that) A spectacular ride through N.H and Mass. with Jane Bixby as our fearless Road Captain. The food at the Four Clover Restaurant was very good. Thanks Jane! ยท

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