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Ice Breaker Ride April 30 2017

The Ice Breaker ride lived up to it's name. It still didn't stop us from eating ice cream and pretending it was summer. Good ride and lots of fun. Thanks Peter!
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2017 Keene Swap Meet

Not a bad day. The ice cream at Walpole wasn't bad either! Notice the OLD sportster. Bike from hell! Anyone that used an old sportster knows what I mean.
IMG_2950 (Copy).jpg

UVHC Laconia Ride June 10 2017

Thank you RC Captain Peter Shelton for creating such nice weather. Great ride! Welcome Don.
IMG_3156 (Copy).jpg

UVHC Markey's Seafood Ride June 25 2016

Great food for a beautiful day. Nothing like eating seafood next to the ocean with good friends. Thank you David.
P1060160 (Copy).JPG

UVHC Castle in The Clouds July 9 2017

Clear day,, beautiful view and relaxing accommodations. That's Castle in the Clouds. Thanks Dave! Thanks for the pictures Peter!

UVHC Bay Haven Two Ride July 16 2017

A perfect day with an outstanding Road Captain leading the TROOPS to exquisite dining. Can't get any better! Thanks Peter Sheldon.
20032111_1602372619796725_4135089816672923799_n (Copy).jpg

UVHC Foundry Dinner Ride July 21 2017

A person couldn't ask for a better night to ride..! The Foundry has always put good food and drink out to people. And,of course, that Road Captain O' Neil was outstanding in his ability to lead the group through those INTENSE twists and turns that Vermont can provide. Sorry Jim I didn't get a fly swatter.
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UVHC Lake George Ride Aug 6 2017

2017 UVHC Lake George Ride Thanks Kevin for a wonderful ride. It was really a ride around many lakes along some great roads. The ice cream wasn't bad either. It takes skill to keep a large group like today together
P1060351 (Copy).JPG

Old Village Haunt UVHC Dinner Ride

Great food and company. Thanks to all the hard working staff that made this night possible.
P1060449 (Copy).JPG

UVHC Mt Washington Ride August 20 2017

Thanks Kevin! The boat stayed upright and the weather was sunny. Jim even had his picture taken. BAD PETER!
20953591_1638059686228018_5162259923925846363_n (Copy).jpg