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2016 UVHog Chapter Dinner at Jesse's Restaurant

Always a great time. The food is always great at Jesse's and the company... well,,,, they did give me extra food to eat. We had a great showing and our hearts go out to those that couldn't make it like Leslie and Cathy etc, Without pictures we would not be able to look back on fond memories. Right.. Michelle? .
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UVHC Ice Breaker Ride April 24 2016 (first)

We could nickname this the TURKEY RUN but in any case the food, weather, and company was outstanding. Who do you think won the outlandish expression contest in these pictures. Hint: First letter begins with P Speaking of P's,,, PS> Thank you for a great tour Peter Guillette!
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New UVHC Fying Goose Ride May 20 2016

Really NAILED this ride with good friends and food, Full Moon(or close enough)... did you see Nelson? Special thanks to Patrick and Jeanine for helping me get home safely. Really great to see Leslie back where she belongs! We have all summer to enjoy,,, that's what is best about this time of year. Hope everyone got home safely.
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UVHC Maine Overnight Ride June 3-5 2016

UVHC had another outstanding trip to Maine. Thank you Dan for a fine tour of the Rangley Maine area. We award you another donut.
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Jane Bixby put together an awesome ride to the Spider Web Farm in Waterbury Vermont. Of course there was plenty of food and ice cream to go around on this HOT day. Thanks Jane!
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UVHC Lake George Ride August 7 2016

It's really too bad I couldn't capture some of the great roads Kevin brought us on. GREAT RIDING TODAY! And, of course the food and ice cream wasn't bad either. Thanks Kevin for a great run!
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UVHC Aug 13 2016 Picnic

First I'd like to thanks the "Picnic Committee " and especially Dan and Brenda for Hosting this awesome event. at their home.We had a very special ride leading up to the picnic and amazingly didn't encounter any rain. Well, maybe two drops just before we arrived at our destination. THEN IT POURED! Thanks Peter Guillette for a great ride. It was obvious how much preparation went into this event because everything was perfect. Dessert wasn't bad either.
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UVHC Seafood Ride Aug 14 2016

Thank you David Cole for such a great excursion. It would have been better if you paid for all the lobster, clams and ice cream but I guess we can't have everything.
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UVHC Waterfall Ride August 20 2016

Big Heart (Larry) gave us an EXCELLENT ADVENTURE! We visited two falls in the Moss Falls Reservation. The second visit being the most impressive. A ride isn't complete without ice cream and we couldn't wait so we had our ice cream BEFORE lunch. YES! Steak wasn't too bad either. We did leave the bones.
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UVHC Dinner Ride August 26 2016 OLDE Village Haunted Restaurant

UVHC Dinner Ride to Old Village Haunt Restaurant: Great food (again) ! Great weather,,friends, dessert, prime rib, Mother's, Waitresses, motorcycles, Vt. roads, etc. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE! The times you remember in January.
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UVHC John Deere Tractor Show & KC Restaurant Ride August 28 2016

UVHC went on a 200 mile ride today. First the John Deere tractor show...lunch at KC ribs in Manchester and a beautiful slow ride back home.. Thanks RC Dan Martin. PS. TOO BAD O' Neil couldn't come .... The ribs were delicious!
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UVHC Dinner Ride to Public House Sept23 2016

The UVHC Dinner Ride to the Public House was a great success. They have really done a great job in their renovations.
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UVHC White Mts Pollys Restaurant Ice Cream Ride Sept 25 2016

Who got stuck in the ice cream cardboard... $25,00 dollars to the winner! Pollys is always great. Clear Fall sky and hotcakes... well need ice cream to cool it down.
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2016 Apple Pie Festival

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It is true in the case of the Apple Pie Festival. Need I say more?
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UVHC Markey's Seafood Ride June 25 2016

Great food for a beautiful day. Nothing like eating seafood next to the ocean with good friends. Thank you David.
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