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Harley Davidson Patriot's Flag Ride

US Flag travels to Harley Dealerships in honor of our patriots. UVHC brought OLD GLORY from Granit

UVHC Naked Turtle Ride July 13 2014

We all agreed that a 32 once burger is worth three maybe four drops of rain. That should earn me a patch... RIGHT! We slowed do

Lake George Ride August 3 2014

Perfect weather, great food, and a knowledgabl

UVHC Kangamangas Ride August 10 2014

Some say he was loney at Plain Janes, others said he was hungry, but the truth is he was just waiting for his banna split! It was other beautuful day with a breakfast buffet most people(including myself) would kill for, but Peter did promise me pictures that I will include. : .( Thank you David for a wonderful time. PS. Thanks to those that helped me form a delectable picture of all the food I missed. It will stay with me til next year.

UVHC Overnight to Maine Sept 20 2014

Would like to thank Peter Guillette (Road Captain) for a great tour of Maine etc. The weather wasn't perfect this time but that was all Nelson's fault. He didn't dance right! Please try to pick out the flying saucer and who might be behind the black helmet. At least Leslie Gene Powers thought that it was a FLYING SAUCER. Kevin... still waiting for your "get even" pictures for my evil ways. One more time... I sincerely thank everyone's odd participation in order to make for another great time.! Yes. It's probably the pot calling the kettle black.

Directors Mystery Ride (aka Foliage... Gap) Oct 5 2014

Our "Man" ... "Captain Dan"... took us for a foliage Ride today. We could rename this " Mountain Hopping" because we jumped over several of the Green Mountains. Noone fell off either. Instead we landed like Arlo Gathrie in the A&W parking lot. So... we had to eat. Of course we ended our Run with ice cream at Downer's Four Corners. Thanks Captain Dan!