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UVHC Sugar on Snow April 18 2015

UVHC SUGAR ON SNOW April 18 2015 Sherry and Bing were gracious enough to invite us into their home for a " MAPLE SUGAR ORGY". Thank you . It was a great time. The corn fritters are always the e-special-al- it ty. YUMMM. Didn't leave without a gallon of Bing's famous maple syrup. Good time had by all and good to see old friends.
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P&H Ride May 3 2015

Wes Stein brought us on a great ride. To the food (P@H) and then over the hills and through the woods of some beautiful Vt countryside. Thanks Wes!
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GSHD Ladies of Harley May 17 2015

A perfect day for riding. Thanks Jane Bixby for a wonderful tour of Vermont and "allowing" us in the COUNTRY CLUB! I think we sampled everything in the COUNTRY STORE. Well, at least, I did, Still smell from the English Leather. Question: Who's butt and whose braid are in the pictures? ( Sandy did it!)
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Flying Goose Ride May 22 2015

UVHC Flying Goose Ride May 22 2015 Thanks Jim.... How come we didn't stop for ice cream. Why didn't Bob know where he was going? (check out fingers) Great food!
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Poconos Ride May 29 -31 2015

DAN THE MAN! CAPTAIN OH MY CAPTAIN! NO MUSS NO FUSS! ( Well maybe a little rain.) UVHC Poconos Ride May 29-31. Only trouble ... there was nothing to eat or drink. Thanks Dan for a great trip.
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GSHD Patriots Ride June 5 2015

Our flag travels from each Harley Dealer throughout the country and it's journey, in this case, is from Granite State Harley Davidson to Heritage Harley Davidson in Concorn NH. Thank you Peter Guilette for taking the leadership role each year as Road Captain.
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UVHC Gap Ride June 14 2015

We had the most awesome road captain today but he dragged us from one mountain top to another. Sometimes they call these things GAPS. At least we got rewarded by ice cream at the end. (All except Peter.... he was a very badddd boy) Beautiful day, and no one disappeared into a fissure going up the Appalachian Gap today. It was a good day.
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UVHC Salt Hill Pub Dinner Ride July17 2015

Dinner Ride to Salt Hill Pub in Newbury NH Fine food and friends, Try the Lava Chocolate dessert.... Outstanding! Welcome Don hope you come on many more rides and made it home ok. Thanks Jane.
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Mike's Clam Shack Ride

Thanks Peter for a great ride. The food was excellent.
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The LOOP Ride Sept 13 2015

A great day was had by all. The famous food at the Woodstock Inn and the White Mountain climb to the SUN! The Loop Ride will go down in History as the ride never to forget!
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Guillette Castle Ride

Beautiful destination! Thanks Jane.
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2015 UVHC Picnic at Rest & Nest Campground

Thanks to all those that made this such a success. Great food and friendship on a perfect Fall day.
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Mystery Ride 2015

UVHC Mystery Ride Thanks Michelle for leading a great ride and feeding the hungry! Jane....... you are a very bad influence. Welcome Peter! Hope you had a great time... it's good to have new blood added to the Chapter. Yes... Nathaniel... you too. And Leslie Gene Powers​.... we said hello today to your SLIDE turn.
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UVHC Apple Pie Ride Oct 11 2015

This event is always one of the best. Great food, sunshine, and the chance to get together with friends. Always amazing how many people, and especially bikes, show up for this event. Thank you Bob Vlk for leading this ride. I really liked the change to Rt 5/Rt 31. Great roads. Forgot how wonderful 31 could be in the Fall.
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