Website update

I’ve been plugging away at the site for the past few weeks and have come to realize that the main page has a lot of redundancy on it. The calendar and list of up-coming events both point to the same place. So I think I’ll remove one or the other of them to clean it up a little. I’m leaning towards the list view only because of how it’s formatted with both dates showing. Also I’m not all that crazy about the yellow font color. Although it’s bright and draws attention to the post, simply doesn’t follow the theme here. Unfortunately, you change one setting and it changes it site wide. Ah the beauty of themes and custom settings. I’m sure it’s do-able but will take a bit of time to get it straight.
I’ve installed a few more tools mainly for site based not so much user base. I’m looking into site restrictions, so that users will have to register if they want to view certain aspects of the site, mainly say a forum or club specific information. Still working on it.
This site will be ever changing so that we can eventually optimize it for ease of use. After all no one wants a site that is hard to read.